David O’Mahoney Speaks Of His Journey Of Recovery Post Medical Discharge From The Forces

I remember what trouble David took to choose his shirt on one of my visits to Headley Court Military Rehabilitation Hospital, going to his room to fetch a picture of the suit he would like to match it with, and it was so enjoyable to talk to him and see the pleasure he could take in his clothes despite like so many of the young men and women at Headley then, their shocking injuries.
David is another astonishing soldier, his courage and determination inspirational but again like so many others it is his thoughtfulness for his fellow injured and desire to help and support them that I find so impressive. Our collaboration with Russell and Bromley is thanks to David who met the Bromley’s and arranged for us to meet, and they have now given over 50 pairs of beautiful brogues for new, smart work attire.
David is a superb motivational speaker and having met the wife of a soldier at the S4S Summer dinner she asked him to speak at the Dorset school where she teaches. Michelle wrote to me afterwards: ‘ Today David came to the state secondary school where I work to give a talk to our 16-17 year olds. He was given little of a brief beforehand other than we wanted him to talk about resilience and to believe in themselves to help them to achieve against any adversity. Upon arrival he was thrown a few curve balls as in our audience was slightly different to inner city London - less crime and severe drug related issues, yet the isolation of a rural upbringing in an area of low income can knock on to ones future goals and aspirations, but he quickly took on board our comments and managed to adapt his talk brilliantly to inspire the students. We had some tears and many questions from the kids. He engaged the students for over an hour and the initial feedback was positive from both staff and students. I invited to his talk a representative from an organisation which has funding available to raise aspirations of children and teenagers within Dorset and Hampshire so I am really hoping we will see him again to work with the kids further.’ David will be speaking at the Russell and Bromley sponsored evening of Style for Soldiers exhibition ‘ Art in the Aftermath ’ in November.