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Dear Emma,

I have only just seen this.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the invite last night. We had a wonderful time. The speeches were incredibly moving and so inspirational, the setting was beautiful and we had a lovely chat with Jade and Katie. 

As we left to have dinner, we were so happy to have been able to have a chat with Matt and David plus another wonderful young officer - was his name Tom ? He was so  polished, articulate and just all round lovely. Blond hair, was wearing a navy blazer with gold buttons which made made us wonder if he was ex Navy. He knew you well.

Anyway, I am babbling on !

Thank you again for a most wonderful evening and hope to see you soon. I continue to be in awe of your devotion to helping others.

With Kindest Regards,



I congratulate you on putting on a very moving and inspirational exhibition. We told a number of people about it so that they could also visit.

Best wishes,


John Pickering

High Sheriff of South Yorkshire


Dear Emma,

Just a quick line to say Thank You so much for last night. It was such a special occasion to bring all those inspirational WIS and their partners together. I know you’ve been doing it for a while now, but from a fresh pair of eyes looking in, it is a simply brilliant concept. 

It was equally delightful to hear just how highly people thought of you. You really do have an amazing heart! I hope it is not too impertinent to say well done for all you have achieved over the past decade. It is hugely impactful.

I hope you have a tremendous Christmas and I look forward to working together a little more next year. Please pass on my very best wishes to Kristal too.

- Brigadier Fred Hargreaves OBE


That will be amazing – to see some of the young soldiers now, and find out how they’ve done since. I suspect it makes a huge difference just to know that people do care – and you do so much to ensure that soldiers really do know that.

- Caroline Wyatt

You do such wonderful work

-Anne Sebba 

 Thank you 


So so few people are aware of what our service 

people do for us and our country 

And what dangers they face -and still return and 

lead by example 


Dear Emma

 Forgive me for the rather tardy note but thank you ever so much for a wonderful Summer party las weekend. I think you are doing something really valuable for the veterans who need that support and chance to feel like valued human beings. Amazing and quite emotional really, and a prescient reminder of how much our veterans put on the line and the cost of it all.

 We made some great connections, which we'll follow-up with, Liz really enjoyed meeting everybody too. 

- Andy Salmon 

It was immensely moving and indeed provoking in so many ways. Emma is without doubt making a massive difference and you should all be proud of what is being achieved….long may it continue!

Dear Emma and Victoria,

Just a quick email to say a big thank you for inviting us to the Style for Soldiers Summer Dinner. 

It was a pleasure to meet you both and to "put a face to the voice".

Guy and I enjoyed meeting the soldiers and their wives, to hear their stories and understand just how much the walking sticks mean to them.

We both felt very humble amongst these terrific men and women, one hears about the fatalities and injured soldiers on the news, but you can not appreciate jut how much their lives and their families are affected until you meet them. We feel privileged to be able to help, just a little bit, on their road to recovery. 

We look forward to working with you both in the future.

With best regards,

-Julia Boyles

Sales Manager, Linden Leisure.



It's you and your whole group (family?) who are doing wonderful things.  Happy - as always - to support.

- Lord Cecil




Good evening Emma,

I will be back, I pay good money for shirts but never have I found the same quality and fit. It is truly wonderful how you are empowering injured service men. I have kept updated on your work and it is truly admirable.

 See you soon.

 Best regards,

- Murray




Dear Ms Willis,

 The work you are doing for our Heroes is truly admirable.

 Best regards,

- John




I have just watched the news and saw the report on what you have been doing and it really moved me. Thank you for everything that you have done for our injured service men and women. For me what you are doing for our injured service men is the best of our country and I wish you all the best in the future.


Dear Emma,

 I’ve been watching on the news the efforts and kindness you have contributed to helping soldiers who have had to retire.

I had to get in touch when I saw one who was complimenting the special button top as he only had one hand and he looked very well dressed and I realised I had never seen any one wheelchair bound in a smart suit. I felt it added an equality of respect to anyone who dresses up.

 I hope you have a lot more support in the work you do.




 I hope you do not mind me contacting you, but I saw your piece on C4 News tonight and was very moved. Thank you for what you have done for our soldiers.




I love seeing all the action that's been going on with you and Style for Soldiers! I've been trying to keep up via Twitter and Instagram. I even got a glimpse of you and Anette in a photo during London Fashion Week. Was lovely to see. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Style for Soldiers through the newsletter and for sharing news and photos of Andy, Matt and other veterans. Thank you for being such a great inspiration Emma. 

- Kat




Dear Ms Willis, 

You wrote to me in January to thank me for a donation to Style for Soldiers. I really appreciate that you took the time to write personally and I am embarrassed that I've taken so long to acknowledge it. 

I was humbled by the personal accounts of the soldiers that you sent. I was a resident (inmate?) of RAF Headley Court in the early 80's and I know what superb work goes on there but rebuilding confidence and self esteem can be a greater challenge, and your brilliant idea is obviously a great boost to the recipients. 

Thank you again, 

Yours sincerely, 

- Roger



It really is wonderful to be part of your fantastic movement and as I have always said, if there is more we can do, you must let me know.

- Steve Rowe

Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer




One of the most memorable aspects of preparing for my daughter’s wedding earlier this month was the pleasure of meeting you and learning about your remarkable dedication to helping the heroes of our armed services with your charitable work. 

By itself, wearing a bespoke Emma Willis shirt cannot fail to lift the self-esteem of any man and make them feel more confident. The hand carved walking sticks that you arrange to have personalised for each soldier are incredibly thoughtful and a most fitting gesture of appreciation.  Securing the support of M & S for your charity was beyond smart.  It was an inspired choice. 

I have shared your story with many people. From family and friends to taxi drivers and clients.  Every single person expresses their admiration for your charitable work.  

As a token of my personal admiration, I hope that you will accept the enclosed modest corporate donation from my company.  In future years, it will be our intention to continue to support Style for Soldiers with an annual donation to your charity. 

I wish you much continued success and thank you again for making great shirts and a great contribution to the heroes of our country with your charity.



Dear Emma

Without entering the political fray, I would say the more you can do for the families of the fallen, providing products and experiences they would not ordinarily have, the better. Well done you. It makes me proud to be a customer. 

- Sachin




Dear Emma, 

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening at Le Caprice.  Such a treat, and what an honour for them to close it for only the second time in history!

It was fascinating to have met so many beneficiaries of your extraordinary work.  I wish I'd know of Style for Soldiers sooner. Thank you too for sitting me on a table with such an interesting group.  It was a dinner I will fondly remember for a long time.

As ever, 

- Julian Roberts





Good Morning Emma

Thank you so much for inviting me to a really wonderful evening last night. 

What a treat to meet such incredible people; I felt so enlightened when I left having heard everyone’s stories.

I’m so grateful to have been invited, thank you. 

Look forward to seeing you again soon,

- Grace Gilfeather,

Fashion Editor - GQ




I am writing to commend the important charitable work of Style for Soldiers regarding their endeavours and value they provide in supporting wounded servicemen.  As well as providing quality clothing for those injured serving the nation, the charity also provides important transition support as former service personnel undertake the challenging task of transitioning into employment outside the military and civilian life.  This has included funding travel for individuals to attend transition support activities.  This work combines importantly with supplying these individuals with quality clothing, that not only enhances their sense of self-esteem, but also provides them with suitable attire for job interviews; clothing items that many ex-soldiers do not possess.

I speak in my capacity as a former commanding officer, founder and Chairman of the Parachute Regiment Afghanistan Trust charity for wounded Paras and the accountable executive for the Barclays Armed Forces Transition Employment and Resettlement (AFTER) programme that supports veterans employment and has helped over 3,100 service leavers transition since its inception in 2010.   Of note, I have seen at first-hand how Style for Soldiers has made a significant contribution in helping a triple amputee that has led to the individual’s employment under the Barclays AFTER programme.  The charity is also actively participating in a wider veterans employment transition support (VETS) initiative that is being set up to facilitate collaboration between companies seeking to employ ex-service people.  As well as helping ex-service personnel prepare for job interviews, Style for Soldiers will provide an important access point for accessing such individuals and ensuring their engagement with the programme.

I believe that Style for Soldiers is a significant and important charity.

Your ever,

- Colonel Stuart Tootal DSO OBE




Dear Emma

Firstly, thank you for letting me sit in your measuring session at HC on Tuesday. It was great to see the ease with which you treated the soldiers, and their response to your care and attention. For all their bravado that the soldiers displayed en-masse , each one was individually vulnerable on different levels; to be treated 'normally' irrespective of condition was really good for them (and rather lovely to watch, might I add.

Best wishes, 

- Karen




Dear Emma,

Your Newsletter brought tears to my eyes. What you have achieved is breathtaking and you go from strength to strength. As you move forward your success will compound and you will surely attract more major corporate sponsors. 

The icing on the financial cake was the grant from the government. What a coup and it must have been such a relief for you. 

With love,

- Henry




Hello Emma! 

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to thank you for including me on the distribution list for Style for Soldiers Newsletter. I was so pleased and excited to read it this morning. 

I am literally bursting with smiles and joy as I read about the events and efforts that have been supported and hosted for the veterans. To read that for some it was the first social event they had attended in years, is very eye opening and heart breaking, but it also speaks volumes of the success Style for Soldiers has had reaching out to veterans. I'm also very happy to see a photo of Mr. Stocker in his suit! He looks very handsome.  I was curious as to their honeymoon destination and was pleased to see they selected Mauritius!  

Thanks again Emma! I look forward to hearing about the continued success of Style for Soldiers. God bless. 

Warm Regards,

- Kat





Amazing letters and fantastic re libor "donation"

Brilliantly done

- The Duke of Bedford




Hi Emma, 

Many Congratulations.

It's great to see you and Style for Soldiers have such brilliant success.  The work that you have done on this is just amazing.

Best wishes, 

- Iain Roache




Dear Emma,

Thank you for your kind invitation and allowing me to enjoy and share in the great news you were able to impart.

I am sure this is testament to all your continued efforts and the support of all our injured service personnel.

I know you will go from strength to strength in the New Year and I look forward to supporting you whenever and wherever possible.

Yours Aye

- Peter Haslam

Head of Communications at Headley Court




Dear Emma,

Excellent Pol Roget party on the terrace at Spencer House, thank you so much for the invite. It was great to speak to yourself and Richard and to see so many people gathered in such a good cause.

I particularly enjoyed talking to George Norton and his delightful wife. He is a truly distinguished soldier. I also enjoyed talking to Richard Young who is one of your biggest fans.... I sadly had to join a call with NYK/WASH and my U.S. editors on Grexit and the Muddle East so had to drag myself away. I hope the rest of the evening went well, what a fabulous venue, you do know how to throw a stylish party! Looking forward to seeing you, hopefully in July.

- Peter Millership





It was an absolute pleasure to meet last night and to learn about your inspiring charity.  I have been raving about to everyone - fabulous venue, excellent food choice, incredibly inspiring hearing from and meeting Matt and Alex, and excellent cause.  Lovely to meet hermione too. 

With very best wishes, 

- Claire Palmer




Dear Emma,

Many thanks for last night’s wonderful gathering.

It was genuinely moving to hear about the impact that you are having on the lives of so many servicemen and women.  Truly inspiring stuff and I know our guests were thrilled to learn more about Style For Soldiers and be a part of such a fabulous celebration.


Dear Emma

Thank you for your messages.  Perhaps we can try to get together after the summer holidays.  What a pity - we shall be away on the day of your party .... a trip to Vienna.  If it were anywhere else I might consider cancelling it!  We both love your Style for Soldiers parties;  it always make me feel better when I see that these dear wounded boys are being so feted and can have a chance to meet up with each other too.  It's a real tonic.

Lots of love

- Elaine




Dear Emma

Many, many congratulations on another very successful evening for Style for Soldiers.

Spencer House was a fabulous venue but, once again, it was the amazing speeches (including of course your own) that made one realise just how much effort those amazing men and women have to make, simply to do the everyday things that we all take for granted.

With this in mind, we would love to offer the opportunity for one of these brave people to come and join us at Genesis for some work experience as part of their recovery process in the non investment part of our business.

With love

- Karen Yerburgh




Dear Emma

Many thanks for your email and I do indeed remember our conversation a few months ago about providing suits, shoes, etc., as well as your shirts and ties, for wounded servicemen to help them through the interview process, etc., for new jobs.

Although I am traveling for most of this week, I shall be sure to email my ‘xmas card list’ to close contacts to try and persuade them to donate to your new initiative.

I shall obviously be making a donation myself.

You really are doing a wonderful job for these people and the timing of your email so close to Remembrance Sunday is very appropriate.

I hope to see you in the shop again in the not too distant future, and in the meantime, best wishes for this new project.

- Chris Harris




Good morning Emma,

We are aware you are an extremely busy lady and please, there is no need to apologise for that.  We were simply grateful that we were afforded the opportunity to visit your amazing shop during our visit to London.

As you mention we were superbly looked after by Jade and the team, and everyone was able to select a fine shirt from the array of choices.

They were even patient when one of our soldiers was late (as his flight was delayed).  

I have attached some of the photos from our weekend in London, a poignant but uplifting few days in the capital, made all the better by the smart shirts our soldiers were able to wear.

A heartfelt thank you on behalf of all our injured soldiers for your time and generosity, this was greatly appreciated. 

Please pass on our thanks to the rest of your team.

Kind Regards

- Cliff

Personnel Recovery Centre Germany


Thank you so much for writing to tell me about Rifleman Martin Pollock.  I am delighted that he was pleased with his ebony and buffalo handled stick.  I can see why the bespoke sticks, which you so generously provide, are so popular; with the Regimental badge on the silver band, they are a symbolic as well as a practical recognition of those young people'e service to their country.

It was a great pleasure to talk to you at Headley Court, and a pleasure to support Style for Soldiers.  I am so glad you continue your visits there: please do keep up the good work!


- The Duchess of Cornwall


 Hi Emma,


We are very happy to be involved in a  great cause and over the last couple of years I have seen how much your good work helps these servicemen, and how thrilled they are with the bespoke products. I am also glad that our small gesture with the portraits is treasured by them and their families.

Best wishes to you for 2015.


- Paul Watson

Former Head of PR - Mr Porter




I would like to take this opportunity to commend you for the fantastic work you do to support the service men and women at Headley.  Style for Soldiers is a wonderful way to demonstrate gratitude to the bravery and sacrifice of our service men and women.


- Boris Johnson