Meet the Artists

Stewart Hill is one of the UK’s leading portrait artists. Rediscovering painting after severe Traumatic Brain Injury whilst commanding B Company, 2 Mercian in Afghanistan in 2009, Stewart has won several awards and his paintings are on display in some leading galleries. Stewart takes commissions. He has a special interest in painting the military and bereaved but has painted a wide range of subjects including the rich and famous.

Stewart Hill: Self Portrait

Martin Wade was medically discharged in 2015 following his diagnosis of PTSD in 2010 some three years after his return from Afghanistan.  During a lengthy stay in a German Psychiatric Hospital he was encouraged to paint as part of a holistic approach to his therapy.  He found a way to express creatively things he could not express in words.  

Martin Wade: Lustful Ruminations

Dougie Adams “On my Third tour of Afghanistan, Date 21st June 2012 I was involved in an IED incident.That’s where my injury comes from. I carried on until the September 2012. Lots had happened between the June and September which broke me. My best friend Duane Groom was killed in a IED incident 14th September 2012, he was Fijian. My last official duty as a Guardsman, 12hrs before I came back, was carrying his coffin onto a plane. He is buried in New Zealand. I was flown back on a medical flight. Did you hear of the Fijian baby born in Camp Bastion. I came back to Aldershot and was diagnosed with PTSD (September 2012. From then till I was discharged In 2014 I was at home in Northampton. I was engaged but that finished in 2013. I was discharged on 2014 with complex PTSD. I’ve further been diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury”.

Dougie Adams

Karl Tearney has discovered poetry and art since he was medically discharged with PTSD, poems pouring urgently out of him, and his 570 to date poems will be displayed on one wall titled ‘For Love of Words’ . He also speaks honestly and powerfully about mental illness and gives voluntary talks to the Ambulance Service to help them deal with traumatic work

Karl Tearney: 100 Years 
Directed by David Gandy
Breitling RAF100