Emma’s 2015 Style for Soldiers project, to make shoes for injured servicemen with prosthetics.

Last Friday Stuart Croxford and I visited the renowned Mayfair bespoke shoe maker George of Cleverly Shoes, to measure Stuart for the first pair for an injured serviceman with one or two prosthetic feet, and discuss the procedure, kindly donated by George, along with the expertise of he and his craftsmen.

We then returned to the shop to meet my great friend and designer Penelope Chilvers to look at possible contemporary designs of her slippers, shoes or boots for Style for Soldiers.

The idea was inspired by Stuart explaining to me of the challenges faced by he and many of the servicemen and women, who are forced to buy two pairs of shoes to fit a prosthetic on one foot, or forced into only wearing trainers. This can hinder confidence in a new business environment , or where dress codes are applied such as night clubs and restaurants, necessitate an unwanted explanation.

We raised Kath the Cake Lady’s cup of tea to the future success of the project.

Donations are greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,