Garth Banks’ Speech – Style for Soldiers Christmas Party 2014

Lords, Ladies and Gentleman.

Thank you Emma for bringing up that story, I think I probably have some explaining to do to various people in the crowd now, but there we go another story.

Thank you all for coming this evening and supporting Emma, her charity, and as she said all of those people that help along the way.

I’ve only got a few words before I introduce Ali, but I just wanted to say it takes a little while after being injured to I suppose come to terms with your new look, your new body as it were and I suppose your morale takes a little bit of a knock and I think everybody is a little bit guilty of vanity, I think it’s a human thing, to different degrees and I think ones vanity gets hit a little bit because you do look a little bit different and how you see yourself is effected.  So I believe what Emma has done is actually a massive thing, I think it is huge.  She has given us back that little bit of confidence, which I think everyone loses, I think that slips away because I think it is inevitable you are not the same person in the mirror, so I think she has restored that, given back a little bit more pride to go out and face the world, with your head held high in a different way.  It is important to feel good about yourself, of course it is, it makes you get up in the morning, feeling good.  So I think Emma has helped restore that and it is a shirt, but actually I think it is a little more for us and actually it does more than that.

So thank you Emma, thank you to everyone that works for Emma.